Herikon provides full-service solutions in the development and application of plastic products for its customers. Our engineering department develops moulds for our fully computer-controlled polyurethane production. 

Moulds and products made of polyurethane and other engineering plastics can be processed in our modern CNC machining department: turning, grinding, milling, in combination with assembly work, if desired. 

Herikon is a plastics manufacturer; however, besides producing our materials, we do much more to offer added value to our customers. As part of our vision to deliver finished products, our engineering department provides support in the development phase, and our extensive machining department can machine products according to the customer’s specifications.


Working with plastics often requires a different approach than conventional materials such as metals. To properly support our customers, Herikon has a team of engineers that work with modern CAD/CAM systems in both 2D and 3D. We support clients in selecting the right materials. When using polyurethane, we also take on the mould design. If you have questions about loading, application environments or application temperatures, we are happy to help you. You will find a lot of information about the application of our materials in our knowledge centre, and our engineers will gladly support you personally.

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Polyurethane grinding is an ideal technology for giving wheels and rollers a perfect surface. 

Grinding contributes to accurate tolerances and ensures concentricity. Herikon has special grinding machines equipped for grinding various hardness, including CNC pre-turning and regrinding in one set-up.

Grinding specs

Grinding polyurethane can be done from:
hardness Shore 60°A: up to ø250 diameter. Length up to 2500 mm.


Herikon has a very modern milling department that can serve the customer in several ways. 

A large selection of engineering plastics and polyurethane materials can be machined at high accuracy, both 3 and 5 axes. We work with modern CAD/CAM software and process all modern drawing files.

Milling specs

Our materials can be milled in the following dimensions:
Engineering plastics and polyurethane (from Shore 80A) : 1500 x 700 x 300 mm

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Herikon is a specialist in computer-controlled, pressure-free polyurethane casting. 

This technology offers the greatest flexibility in the combination of material, hardness and geometry. The entire casting process, including blasting, priming and curing, is safeguarded by our quality system and managed within our modern digital workshop.

Casting specs

Polyurethane casting can be done in different material systems and colours.
This can be done within a hardness from Shore 45A to 60D. Depending on the choice of material and geometry, we can produce products from 5 g to 500 kg.


Herikon can perform both conventional and CNC turning operations. 

We use modern machines and specialised tooling developed based on over 40 years of experience with plastics.

Turning specs

Turning polyurethane and engineering plastics can be done in the following dimensions: 
Conventional: up to ø1200 mm diameter, length up to 2000 mm.
CNC turning: up to ø700 mm diameter, length up to 3000 mm.

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