Herikon produces plastic products to customer specifications. Herikon has been a producer of polyurethane mouldings for more than 40 years. In addition to polyurethane mouldings, we also process many engineering plastics to offer our customers design flexibility and know-how in the search for successful engineering solutions.

If you have any questions about the possibilities of polyurethane elastomers or engineering plastics, please contact us or browse our knowledge centre.


Herikon polyurethanes are in fact ‘technical elastomers’. They guarantee the unique capacity to combine elastic properties such as those of rubber with the excellent formability of thermoplastics.

Herikon produces polyurethane for applications where abrasion resistance and elastic properties go hand in hand. We have developed unique materials for this purpose that meet the specific requirements of various industries. The materials are processed using our hypermodern machinery to ensure high quality.

engineering plastics


Herikon produces plastic products to customer specifications. We also process a multitude of other engineering plastics for our customers. We do this from semi-finished products in small and medium series.

We use a range of available engineering plastics such as POM-C and PET-P and high-performance plastics such as PPS and PEEK, for example. As plastics experts, we support the development of these products and can manufacture them for you from work drawings using our high-quality CNC machinery.