New member of the Dutch High Tech Platform

Herikon B.V. has joined the Dutch High Tech Platform. This platform is a collective of 600 companies from (high-tech) industry. It is one of the main activities of Mikrocentrum, which was already established in 1968.

Mikrocentrum supports companies and institutions in improving their knowledge and network in the technical and organisational areas of expertise. They achieve this by organising training, seminars, trade fairs and theme days and by means of the High Tech Platform. They have a large network of contacts and especially in industry, but also within government and scientific and educational institutions.

Knowledge and contacts

Their main objectives are improving knowledge and promoting contacts between companies. More than 20,000 people take part in the activities on an annual basis. Herikon is now also a part of this. We can expand our network of contacts and knowledge as a member. We specialise in the field of polyurethane and we have an international reputation. We are looking forward to also make a contribution to this network to ensure we support other companies too.