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Specialist in custom cast polyurethane mouldings

Herikon B.V. is an advanced production company of polyurethane products with an international reputation, established in Almelo, the Netherlands. With more than 40 employees, Herikon manufactures customer-specific polyurethane moulds. Herikon was founded in 1979 and has since developed into a leading producer that fully supports its customers in the search for suitable materials for a wide range of industrial applications.

New application possibilities

Based on its know-how regarding polyurethane prepolymers, Herikon creates new possibilities where extreme wear resistance and elastic properties of its polyurethane systems are translated into efficient applications. The modern moulding process offers a large degree of design flexibility with regard to this.

Fully supporting customers

As a specialist, Herikon’s aim is to support the customer through the combination of quality products, assistance and reliable service.


Herikon: ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 certified - 7 June 2018

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Herikon B.V. has joined the Dutch High Tech Platform. This platform is a collective of…

Our process has become more sustainable - 5 June 2018

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New Herikon B.V. corporate identity - 4 June 2018

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Machine building

Polyurethane is broadly applied in the machine building sector. Food-processing machines are an essential part of machine building. As a producer, Herikon ensures that our food grade materials meet all legal requirements.


Offshore & Energy

The offshore market for the production of oil and gas is starting to use alternative energy forms such as wind energy. The Herikon polyurethane parts have a long service life, making them environmentally sustainable.


Concrete industry

Polyurethane mould parts are often used during the production of concrete components such as sewer pipes and drains. In addition to the flexibility that makes the moulding process possible, Herikon materials offer unique wear resistance.



The mechanisation of husbandry demands many wear-resistant solutions. Herikon materials have already been successfully applied in rollers, wheels, manifolds, linings and transport systems.