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Herikon Technology

Because the range of applications for plastic materials is so vast, it is important to have a partner experienced in creating successful products. That’s where we come in. In addition to an experienced team, we also have the most up-to-date machines, tools and supporting software.



Engineering: always a fitting solution

Herikon has in-house engineers. They work with modern CAD/CAM systems in 2D and 3D. We support our customers in choosing the right materials. When using polyurethane, we also design the moulds. If you have any questions about load, application environment or operating temperatures, feel free to contact us.



    Machining: high precision tolerances

    Herikon has a modern CNC machine park. Our machines are metal-oriented and therefore suitable for machining engineering plastics with very precise tolerances. We offer CNC milling up to 1,500 mm in length. We offer CNC and conventional turning up to diameters of 1,000 mm and lengths of 3,000 mm. We can also grind softer materials.





      Casting: optimal quality

      Herikon’s polyurethane casting process is fully computer-controlled. The various systems are mixed with high accuracy and polymerised under the right process conditions. We use energy-efficient furnaces for heating and preheating raw materials and moulds, as well as the necessary post-curing.


      Environmental Awareness

      Environmental Awareness: a better living environment

      Herikon aims to maintain corporate social responsibility. By carrying out our activities in a responsible and sustainable manner, we contribute to a better living environment for people and organisations.




        Quality and reliability

        Herikon is committed to quality and reliability. We are ISO 9001;2015 and 14001;2015 certified.

          Location Almelo

          Edisonstraat 11
          7601 PS Almelo
          The Netherlands

          Location Leerdam

          Techniekweg 27a
          4143 HW Leerdam
          The Netherlands