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innovative and versatile

To be precise, Herikon polyurethanes are ‘technical elastomers’. They guarantee the unique ability to combine elastic properties such as rubber with the excellent formability of thermoplastics. Our polyurethanes offer a wide range of applications with excellent mechanical capabilities.

Herikon makes new ideas possible

We achieve these advantages by converting the composition and formulation of the raw materials into a high-quality polymer. Our materials are known for their excellent mechanical potential in combination with a very wide range of applications. To be a strong and stable partner in the supply chain, we design and produce our own moulds. This allows us to supply polyurethane innovations that make new innovations possible.


Offshore & Energy

The conventional offshore market where oil and gas production was the key area has seen a significant expansion over the last few years in the direction of alternative energy forms such as wind energy. Herikon polyurethane parts are used in all aspects of this market such as track pads, cable protectors, bend stiffeners and buoys.


  • Wheels
  • Buoys
  • Cable stiffeners
  • Bend stiffeners
  • Cable protectors
  • Wear rings
  • PIGs
  • Nozzles
  • Track plates

      Concrete Industry

      Polyurethane is often used in the moulds for the production of concrete elements such as sewer pipes and drains. Hoppers and specific installation aids are also used on-site. The unique wear resistance combined with geometric flexibility make it a logical choice for many applications.



      • Recesses
      • Mould parts
      • Structure cladding

          Concrete Industry



          The mechanisation of agriculture and livestock farming requires many wear-resistant solutions. In addition to weather conditions, the creep strength, tear strength and chemical resistance are often also recurring issues.


          • Wheels
          • Flails
          • Spreaders
          • Rollers
          • Scrapers
          • Track plates


              Polyurethane is widely used in the machine building industry. Applications include wheels, cogs, rollers, nozzles, valves and no-crush wheels for sorting and compacting machines. Casting specific moulds is also a preferred solution in machine building when geometry and wear resistance are important requirements. Food-processing machines are an essential part of the machine building sector. As a producer, we ensure that our food grade materials comply with EU regulations EC 1935/2004 and EC 10/2011.


              • Wheels
              • No-crush wheels
              • Cogs
              • Brushes
              • Rollers
              • Hoppers
              • Worms


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