Herikon in a nutshell

Herikon B.V. is an advanced production company of polyurethane products with an international reputation, established in Almelo, the Netherlands. With more than 40 employees, we manufacture customer-specific polyurethane moulds.


Herikon B.V. was founded in 1979 and has since developed into a leading producer that fully supports its customers in the search for suitable materials for a wide range of industrial applications. Based on our know-how regarding polyurethane prepolymers, Herikon creates new possibilities where extreme wear resistance and the elastic properties of its polyurethane systems are translated into efficient applications. The modern moulding process offers a large degree of design flexibility with regard to this.


Herikon B.V. operates globally in the following markets:

  • Machine building
  • Agriculture
  • Offshore & Energy
  • Concrete industry


Herikon B.V works with polyurethane from a number of systems. Herikon obtains the required material properties through computer-driven process equipment. An automated process completion also contributes to constant quality and flexibility in material selection. Herikon’s engineers will be happy to assist customers in selecting the right material and will also ensure a suitable mould design.


Herikon B.V. is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified and has its own quality department within the organisation.

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