Wheels and diaboli

Selection of the best material for your specific requirement

Our wheels and diaboli offer an explicitly wide range of applications, such as in mechanical engineering, offshore, leisure and internal transport. We have an extensive and flexible production capacity for wheels and diaboli with a range of post-processing opportunities, such as grinding and turning into the actual form, shape or profile. Upon request, we can offer the wheels and diaboli inclusive of cast-iron, steel or stainless steel cores and/or rims.

At Herikon we process TDI-, MDI and NDI (Fortelan®)- polyurethane systems. Some features of our materials are:

TDI polyurethane system:

  • Type BT: wear resistance, hydrolysis
  • Type BD: load carrying capacity, wear resistance
  • Type HR: hydrolysis, temperatures up to 130°C

MDI polyurethane system:

  • Type FT: wear resistance, noise reduction
  • Type BE: dynamic, high rebound resilience
  • Type BA: chemical resistance, high resistance to tearing
  • Type AS: anti-static, resistant against oils, fuels and ozone

NDI polyurethane system:

  • Typ ND ( FORTELAN® ): very low heat build-up, very high load carrying capacity.


Hydrolysis proof
Very low internal heat build-up
High wear resistance
High dynamic load carrying capacity
High mechanical load carrying capacity
Noise reduction
Dimension stability
Chemical resistance
Low specific gravity
FDA certificate