Rollers and drums

We keep you in motion

The optimum use of polyurethane for applications involving rollers and drums requires more than just a list of properties and performances. Therefore, our expertise extends beyond the text contained in a data sheet. Demanding applications require a high degree of expertise in elastomer design during the construction phase. In other words, it requires the competence to choose the correct parameters for the selection of the right material with the right dimensions, considering your specific requirements.

The selection of the best material for your particular demands mostly depends on the individual expectations and the requirements of the application. In one case, the wear resistance is the most critical parameter while in another case, the internal heat build-up is the determining factor. And in yet another case, the shearing and tearing resistance can be the most important parameter. Our team of specialists will be happy to assist you in choosing the right material in order to find the best possible solution for your individual applications.

Herikon processes a particular material for the food industry, which has received the FDA Certificate from the US Department of Agriculture. This means that the final product complies with very strict requirements and regulations regarding the material’s contact with wet and dry foods.

Our rollers and drums can be used for a very wide range of applications, such as in mechanical engineering. We have an extensive and flexible production capacity for rollers and drums at our disposal, with various post-processing capabilities such as grinding and turning with high accuracy, for contours and profiles.

At Herikon we process TDI-, MDI and NDI ( FORTELAN® )- polyurethane systems for rollers and drums.

TDI polyurethane system:

Type BT: wear resistance, hydrolysis
Type BD: load carrying capacity, wear resistance
Type HR: hydrolysis, temperatures up to 130°C

MDI polyurethane system:

Type FT: wear resistance, noise reduction
Type BE: dynamic, high rebound resilience
Type BA: chemical resistance, high resistance to tearing
Type AS: anti-static, resistant against oils, fuels and ozone.

NDI polyurethane system:

Typ ND ( FORTELAN® ): very low heat build-up, very high load carrying capacity.


Hydrolysis proof
Very low internal heat build-up
High wear resistance
High dynamic load carrying capacity
High mechanical load carrying capacity
Noise reduction
Dimension stability
Chemical resistance
Low specific gravity
FDA certificate