Recesses, master plates

Innovations for special areas of utilization

Recesses, master plates and structural mats made from polyurethane for the concrete industry Polyurethane is a perfectly suited material for recesses, master plates and structural mats in the concrete industry.

Over the years, we have utilized our knowledge of the raw material to achieve optimum results of the production process for our customers. The magic formula is collaboration and innovation.

octrooienThese innovations have also led to several patents for special applications. One of the patents is for a sealing lip construction in recesses or master plates, making sure that no leaking water is lost and that post-processing of the products is minimized or even eliminated. Another patent refers to the hinged mould for the production of concrete pillars. This mould creates an improved working environment and thereby contributes to your factory’s productivity.

The advantages of polyurethane as opposed to traditional materials such as steel, wood, commercial rubber or nylon-like materials are:

  • Dimension stability
  • Wear resistance
  • Easier and therefore faster detaching
  • Improved processing due to reduced amount of material breaking off
  • Improved sealing, leading to improved processing
  • Reduced weight
  • Resistant against most encasing oi

Our products are used to manufacture the following products, among others:

  • Square intake shafts
  • Inspection shafts
  • Sewage pipes
  • Pillars
  • Pre-assembled parts with ribbing or other patterns
  • Concrete blocks


High wear resistance
High dynamic load carrying capacity
High mechanical load carrying capacity
Dimension stability
Low specific gravity