Polyurethane Integral Skin Foam

Polyurethane Integral Skin Foam

You are not only reading our website at the moment, there is also a good chance that you are currently experiencing our integral skin foam products! Keep the armrests of your desk chair in mind while you continue to read this…

Foam products of polyurethane can be divided in a number of categories. Besides polyurethane foam there is also something called polyurethane integral skin foam. One of the distinguishing factors of the integral skin foam is the skin structure. Polyurethane integral skin foam has the specific characteristic of a closed skin structure. The great advantage is that it becomes water resistant and can therefore be used inside as well as outside. However Flexible foam is not water resistant and is therefore in need of a finishing.

Possibilities with Integral Skin Foam

As mentioned, integral skin foams create a closed skin and have the advantage that they are water resistant. This in turn means that the product does not need a coating, which saves on additional costs. In order to give the product its own look with regard to aesthetics and functionality in view of the diverse applications, it is possible to colour integral skin foam by way of pigments. In principle all (RAL) colours can be realised. Because discolouration occurred due to UV light when products were used outside, Peritek has developed a special technique in its Research & Development department. This In Mould Coating (IMC) technique results in a significant improvement of the UV-resistance and ensures that the colours of the polyurethane integral skin foam remain better for longer.

Herikon B.V. is able to supply polyurethane integral skin foam in various densities and hardnesses. Dependent on the application of the product, for which, for example, more or less comfort may be required, the hardness of the product can be varied as a result of the choice of material. Herikon B.V. is able to supply hardnesses from 30 Shore A to 85 Shore A, in densities of 350 gram per litre to 750 gram per litre. To increase the strength of a specific shape of the integral skin foam a wooden or metal inlay can be added.

Integral Skin Foam applications

The strength of Herikon B.V. in this branch is created mainly by providing optimum service for the customer. The customer often requires specific and small volumes which are mostly used as spare parts. Customers in this niche market often come from the furniture industry (manufacturers of consumer furniture as well as office furniture), theme parks/fairground attractions and the health care branch. It is therefore mostly used in armrests and headrests in furniture, as shock protection, safety brackets, seats, backs of chairs and chairs of various attractions and in escalator lifts, rollators (handles and shelves) and wheel chairs.


  • Wheels and diaboli
  • Rollers and drums,
  • Headrests
  • Back guardrails
  • Security clamps
  • Stair elevators – Rollators
  • Wheelchairs
  • Chairs
  • Lounge suites
  • Cushion,
  • Mattresses …….