Polyurethane Flexible Foam

Polyurethane Flexible Foam

In contrast to the relatively strong integral skin foams, polyurethane flexible foam is very soft and flexible. These flexible foams do not have a closed skin structure and are therefore not water resistant. In order to fulfil its functionality the product must be upholstered or be provided with a special flexible coating afterwards. For this reason Herikon cooperates with various suppliers who guarantee the excellent finish of the flexible foam products.

Flexible Foam possibilities

Although very soft and flexible, flexible polyurethane foam can be produced in a range of various hardnesses and densities. When certain strength or shape retention is needed, a wooden or steel inlay can be added to the product during the production process.

Peritek likes to think along with you. In this way Herikon is able to add more to your product besides the earlier mentioned upholstery and strength. To increase the fire resistance and/or meet certain fire retardant standards, Herikon is able to add certain additives to the flexible foams. In this way you will receive a very complete product!

Broad field of application for flexible foams

You can also find our polyurethane flexible foams everywhere! Its broad field of application lies mainly in furniture, transport and logistics, and in health care. These flexible foams can be found in various elements in daily use focused on comfort: in settees, cushions and back cushions, headrests and long chairs in consumer furniture and office furniture, in driver’s seats, train benches, forklift seats, chair-lifts and mattresses.


One specific type of polyurethane flexible foam is NASA foam or memory foam. After pressure this type of foam slowly returns to its original shape (elastomers). NASA foam also softens due to body heat. This memory and comfort increasing action ensures that there is significantly less pressure on protruding body parts. It is therefore mainly in the health care sector that the mattresses and pillows of NASA foam are gratefully used. Herikon is also able to supply you with this type of foam product!


  • Wheels and diaboli
  • Rollers and drums,
  • Headrests
  • Back guardrails
  • Security clamps
  • Stair elevators – Rollators
  • Wheelchairs
  • Chairs, Lounge suites
  • Cushion,
  • Mattresses …….