Polyurethane elastomers

Polyurethane elastomers

Polyurethane elastomers combine the strength and rigidity of plastic with the elasticity of rubber. Due to a unique combination of chemical, physical and mechanical characteristics a polyurethane elastomer has excellent possibilities for the use in all sorts of shaped products. Herikon B.V. produces a large variety of polyurethane elastomers for various products and applications, with hardnesses varying from 20° Shore A to 85° Shore D.

Due to its years of experience and accumulated knowledge in this branch of the industry, Herikon is able to provide its customers with the correct advice with regard to the use of the correct type of polyurethane (TDI, MDI and NDI) for any specific application.

Herikon is the exclusive processer of Fortelan® material. This NDI polyurethane elastomer is a direct competitor of the so-called VULKOLAN material.rethaan soort (TDI, MDI en NDI) voor die specifieke toepassing.

Herikon offers you the following applications for elastomers:

Wheels and diaboli

Herikon has an extensive and flexible production capacity for wheels and diaboli. These are used in, for instance, machine building, offshore, recreation and internal transport. Almost all wheels of roller coasters, haunted houses and merry-go-rounds have a wear-resistant coating of polyurethane. We have furthermore made shock absorbers, stop blocks and bumpers of polyurethane elastomers for professionally made play equipment.

Rollers and Rolling Mills

The rollers and rolling mills of Herikon B.V. are used in a very broad spectrum of applications in, for example, machine building. Herikon B.V. has an extensive and flexible production capacity for rollers and rolling mills, including various finishing possibilities, such as grinding and turning, to achieve the correct dimensions, contour or profile.

Maritime sector

Also in the maritime industry, traditionally one of the Netherlands‘ strong industry branches, polyurethane elastomers are used increasingly often due to the previously mentioned characteristics as well as their hydrolysis resistance. In shipping, fishery, dredging as well as gas and oil extraction, products can be found which, due to the extreme circumstances in which they are used, are extremely suitable to be produced from polyurethane elastomers. In fishery these are, for instance, wearing blocks, wearing strips, and rollers and twin wheels for the transport of nets and such. Product examples in gas and oil extraction in the offshore industry are wearing blocks, wearing strips, bending restrainers on oil platforms, twin wheels, and rollers and rolling mills for use on ships to lay pipes.

Other branches

Other branches where products of polyurethane elastomers are used are, for example: Theme parks (wheels), pipe installation (decoking pigs), dredging, food industry, tyre industry (tools), metal industry (silicone rollers), aircraft construction, horticulture and machine building (accessories for conveyor belt systems).

Decoking or Studded Pigs

In the pipeline industry polyurethane products have also been applied in, for example, studded pigs. These are very wear resistant and flexible instruments which are pushed through pipelines to clean their interior. Herikon B.V. has developed a new type of decoking pig with excellent technical characteristics which is used for the decoking or de-scaling of the extremely polluted interior of pipelines. Such pipelines are found in, for example, oil refineries, water supply systems and the paper and foodstuff industry. The pigs are made in various lengths and diameters for the various applications and dimensions of the pipelines.

You will find the polyurethane products of Herikon B.V. literally everywhere!


  • Wheels and diaboli
  • Rollers and drums
  • Bars-stripes-plates
  • Maritime
  • No-Crush wheels
  • Moulded commodities