No-crush wheels

We have not invented the wheel… just made it more perfect!

One of Herikon’s prime products is the no-crush wheel. As co-developer of the no-crush wheel and as one of the first producers, we have acquired a unique knowledge in this segment and we have materialized this expertise for nearly every OEM machine.

For this purpose, we have an extensive assortment in standard dimensions at our disposal, which we can supply in various degrees of hardness and colors.

The option to vary the different qualities of polyurethane for your specific application makes us a flexible and reliable partner.

Our no-crush wheels offer you optimum performances and unique solutions for a range of situations. Due to the usage of special spoke constructions, these wheels can move highly sensitive materials that otherwise would be damaged by conventional wheels and rollers.

The excellent mechanical properties of polyurethane such as flexibility, great tear strength and yield strength and a high wear resistance, improve your product quality and increase the accuracy and quality of your machines. Further, no-crush wheels are used more and more in general mechanical engineering. Specific examples are the machines for the wood and food processing industries.

In summary, Herikon's no-crush wheels have the following features:

  • highly wear resistant
  • noise reducing
  • non-marking
  • OEM independent
  • many standard dimensions for different degrees of hardness:
    from 35° to 95° Shore A


Noise reduction
Very low internal heat build-up
High wear resistance
High dynamic load carrying capacity
High mechanical load carrying capacity
Low specific gravity
Dimension stability