Moulded commodities

Benefit from our experiences and our expertise in polyurethane and other polymers

Since 1979, Herikon is known as a specialist for the design, development and production of customized, high-grade technical polyurethane moulded commodities.

Different cast weights, ranging from just grams all the way to hundreds of kilograms per product, shapes, colors and degrees of hardness per application can be used.

Complex and difficult shapes can be created due to the liquid nature of the utilized raw material. In some cases, it is advisable to utilize rotational, centrifugal or printing technologies. By consulting our employees for new developments or in solving already existing problems at an early stage, our customers profit from our knowledge and expertise in polyurethane and other polymers in an ideal manner.

Due to its unique combination of chemical, physical and mechanical properties such as wear resistance, high tear strength and yield strength, high elasticity, low specific gravity and good metal bonding capabilities, polyurethane offers outstanding application opportunities for the most diverse moulded commodities.

Thanks to our good contacts to our raw material suppliers in Europe as well as in America, we are always up to speed with the newest developments. In parallel, we assure a constant quality due to our own laboratory equipment.

Our own design department and mould production enable us to produce small and medium batch sizes quickly and at competitive mould costs. The volume of these batch sizes may vary between 1 and 5,000 pieces or more. Further, the casting process is perfectly suitable for the production of prototypes.


Hydrolysis proof
High wear resistance
High dynamic load carrying capacity
High mechanical load carrying capacity
Noise reduction
Dimension stability
Chemical resistance
Low specific gravity Laag soortelijk gewicht