Leisure and design

Creativity is art!

Polyurethane components are used in a number of areas of various attractions in theme parks and fairs. E.g. wheels on roller coasters, ghost trains and merry-go-rounds are almost exclusively equipped with a wear resistant polyurethane layer. Further, for professional toys, there are buffers, limit blocks and dampers made from polyurethane. Other often-encountered applications are the known skateboard wheels, inline-skates, skates, steps and rollators. All these products are made from one of the many available polyurethane qualities which are processed and offered by Herikon.

Polyurethane is made of a unique composition of chemical, physical and mechanical properties such as the wear resistance, the high tear strength and yield strength, high elasticity, insulation, a low specific gravity and excellent bonding to metals. As a result, polyurethane offers an extensive range of applications in various products for such demanding applications.

More and more, polyurethane is encountered in the world of design. In part, this is due to the liquid nature of the used raw material, enabling the production of complex and difficult geometries, in combination with comparably low mould costs. The different options regarding color patterning and the product’s final appearance give a very distinct character and appearance to the design. Further, Herikon’s casting process is – in part for the aforementioned reasons – perfectly suited for the fabrication of prototypes in industry as well as in design. This way, we are producing vases and washing sinks that are known in the world of design for many years already.

Our own design department and mould production enable us to produce small and medium size batch series, encompassing anywhere from 1 to 5,000 pieces and even beyond, quickly and at competitive mould costs.


Hydrolysis proof
Very low internal heat build-up
High wear resistance
High dynamic load carrying capacity
High mechanical load carrying capacity
Low specific gravity
Chemical resistance