The ultimate material for wheel, roller, diabolo and cylinder cladding!


Herikon has since the end of 2004 been the exclusive processor in the Netherlands of FORTELAN®. This NDI- polyurethane completes the existing systems that have been processed for the last 25 years (TDI and MDI polyurethane).

FORTELAN® distinguishes itself with its superior features with respect to:

  • extremely high mechanical load bearing capacity
  • high dynamic capacity
  • very low internal heat build-up
  • high resistance to wear under extreme conditions

FORTELAN® is employed mainly for the cladding of:

  • (transmission) wheels

  • rollers

  • diabolos

  • cylinders

The material can also be supplied in strip, in rod and form products.


Hydrolysis proof
Very low internal heat build-up
High wear resistance
High dynamic load carrying capacity
High mechanical load carrying capacity