Dredging Industry

the best materials for specific requirements

Polyurethane elastomers are increasingly used in many applications in the dredging industry. The inherent characteristics of polyurethane gives properties such as wear resistance, a high degree of shearing resistance and tensile strength, a high level of elasticity, hydrolysis resistance, an excellent adhesion to metals, good chemical resistance and a low specific gravity.

Herikons years of experience and wealth of knowledge in this sector enables us to provide clients with expert advice in regards to the appropriate type of polyurethane elastomer (TDI, MDI or NDI) for the specific application. Creating strategic alliances with leading partners in the dredging sector mean that products manufactured by Herikon, such as nozzles, nozzle caps, bearing blocks, closing flaps and sealing rings, are available all over the world. Whether dredging is taking place in the Arctic Ocean, the Middle East, the Far East, or the rivers and canals of the Netherlands, the use of polyurethane is optimised for this traditional sector of Dutch industry.

Wear resistance to extremely abrasive substances and weight saving (the specific weight of polyurethane is between 1.15 and 1.35 g/cm3) are key words for products manufactured for the dredging industry.

Herikon is constantly innovating and developing in collaboration with its partners. This collaboration has resulted in a number of patented products for the dredging industry.


Wear resistance
Hydrolysis resistance