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A growing company
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Op de langere termijn

telt alleen klanttevredenheid.

Winfried Fransen
Sales Engineer
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Onze passie is

het leveren van kwaliteit.

Bert Hurink
  • 1979

    Start in Enschede with 2 employees

  • 1982

    Moved Herikon to Almelo with an area of 400 m2

  • 1985

    Expansion of the property with an additional 400 m2

  • 1999

    The market developed prosperously and Herikon grew along.

    At the end of 1999 the company moved to a new production building including several offices at the industrial area Bornsestraat in Almelo. Over here, Herikon has 4000m2 working area at its disposal.

  • 2000

    Polyurethane Industry Group

    As from January 2000 Herikon has been a part of the Polyurethane Industry Group bv. Together with Peritek bv they form a solid team which plays a sound part in the market of synthetic products. Over 60 skilled employees and a 10 million on sales constitute the broad base you can count on.

Know How

Herikon bv is specialized in designing, development and production of customized, high-grade technical polyurethane moulded commodities. In a dialogue with the client, problems about applications and properties of the polymers are solved.

Know_HowBy consulting our employees for new developments or in solving already existing problems at an early stage, you´ll profit from our expertise and knowledge in polyurethane and other polymers in an ideal manner.

By using different additives, several properties of types of polyurethane can be adjusted. For the processing of a specific material, Herikon has received a FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) Certificate with approval number 21-CFR-177.2600F from the US-Department of Agriculture.

Thanks to our good contacts to our raw material suppliers in Europe as well as in America, we are always up to speed with the newest developments. In parallel, we assure a constant quality due to our own laboratory equipment.

Almost all types of polyurethanes (MDI, TDI and NDI) are worked up at Herikon by means of a mechanical casting process. This casting process is perfectly suitable for the production of prototypes. Our own design apartment and mould production enable us to produce quickly and at competitive mould costs. The amount of moulds will be determined together with the client and will depend on the type of PU and the time of delivery.

The range of applications for polyurethane is almost unrestricted. It varies from 0,5 mm foils for medical applications, from feeding hoppers for the concrete industry, lift truck wheels, rollers and drums, up to sealing rings for the dredging industry.

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